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InDepth LED Specification Series

InDepth LED Specification Series

  • 7 lenses: 2 regress cube & 1 regress curve, 3 drop cube & 1 drop curve
  • Create ceiling topography with regressed and drop lens options
  • Regress lens provides optical cut off w/ smooth lens for reduced glare
  • Extruded aluminum channels form rigid housing for maximum durability
  • Extruded channel allows field conversion (regress or drop arrangement)
  • Surface or suspension mounting available
  • High performance efficacy up to 133 lm/W
  • Flexible – recessed, drywall, surface and suspension mount
  • Wireless control options available without sacrificing aesthetics

Product Description

The InDepth LED Specification series is designed to create architectural ceiling topography with regressed and drop lens options. InDepth provides design flexibility and versatility by providing seven lens options (two regressed cube, one regressed curve, three drop cube, and one drop curve). The regressed lens options provide optical cut off with reduced glare. Wireless control options are available.

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